Dynamic Synapse Protocol


Dynamic Synapse Protocol is my third self-published work, now available print on demand from Amazon and other retailers in the print-on-demand market. I am so proud of how this turned out and I cannot wait for you to read it!

Eight hundred years after humanity's extinction, Aia, an android, awakens in the tundra of Alberta, Canada. It has no knowledge of the time before, and the world ahead holds the answers it seeks. What happened to its creator? Will it find its place in machine society? As Aia encounters civilization, it quickly learns that self-actualization is not for all: machines live within a caste system, bound to their peers with no means of promotion.

Within the eclectic city-state of HUB 9, situated in the idyllic ruins of San Francisco, Aia is indentured to a sewage processing facility and nearly gives up hope until it is mysteriously promoted from its current assignment by Donnie Eberstark, a member of the social elite bent on preserving humanity's legacy and culture. While discovering where it fits in, Aia becomes embroiled in a high stakes political movement that will decide the future of machine-kind.

Immersive, meditative, and witty, Stuart Warren's second full-length novel Dynamic Synapse Protocol explores the aftermath of humanity's fall and the difficult choice between exalting the past or embracing the future.

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