Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Manifesto

I started writing this blog approximately 2 years ago. A good friend of mine suggested that a blog would be good for spreading the word on my upcoming book, one that is finally out and available to buy after so many years of hard work. It’s intriguing to me how many blogs are out there. Each of them, to me, represents a little island of influence that culls together strangers to follow viral personas and causes. I always thought of blogs as online journals, which is still accurate, but not the case for most blogs we read on the internet today. Blogs have transcended their original purpose and become tools for influence beyond that of spreading goodwill and information. This all sounds naively cynical, but I’m also a criminal in this respect. I write for the reason to generate revenue and intrigue regarding my projects.

For the sake of reassessment I am inclined to put my blog on hold for a while I undertake some critical projects at Sequart. As I grow in my role there I am finding less time to contribute to this blog, at least with the regularity that I have kept for so long. This isn’t a bad thing, really. I feel that a lot of my work suffers from poor planning and spur-of-the-moment composition. I actually have written most of my blogs on the spot since 2012, including this one. For a good while, earlier this year, I wrote my blogs on my lunch break at my day job, clocking in about 400-600 words in under 20 minutes. This contributed to a nervous breakdown and a mandatory leave of absence from my work that allowed me to reassess the reason why I write, both of which have been beneficial.

I will continue to post on this blog. I still believe in it, why I write what I write, and desire to cultivate a culture of education and insight into the writing field, especially fiction. My posts will not continue as I had originally intended at this blog’s conception. Three posts a week is just too much for me, and I fear the quality has dropped off significantly since I began writing. I hope, though, in the event that I am hired to work for Sequart, or some other publishing company, that my time to do these posts will greatly increase. Until then I only feel capable of posting once per week for the foreseeable future. Writing with less regularity doesn’t bother me though. With the extra time at my disposal, I can create better stories, articles, and personal posts for you all to enjoy, and I relish the opportunity in doing so, with your patience of course. I just feel convicted that, in light of what I’ve come to understand about blog culture, along with my own experiences, that I am doing a disservice to you all by writing as I have been. You deserve better. You deserve content that isn’t phoned in and rushed, and I am sorry for perpetrating regimented work for so long.

In the future I promise engrossing stories, engaging articles, and some more honest posts about what I struggle and deal with as a novice author and publishing assistant. While I am undertaking my reassessment please visit my blog at least once a week. I plan on having content up that often, maybe more. The world needs less product and more creation, and I will endeavor to give you all my heart and my soul from now on. Thanks for listening. I hope this finds you well.

Beste Hilsen
(Warm Regards)


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