Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting a Dog, Selling Books, Etc.

My wife and I are courting a dog currently, a Shiba Inu-American Eskimo mix. Suddenly the world of dog ownership is making sense to me. Whenever you walk up to someone and say, “OMG! Cute dog! Can I pet it!?” yeah, that bugs the shit out of people... It doesn't help that Shibas are very approachable aesthetically but are not terribly sociable with strangers. We aren't sure if we want the dog yet, but I will reserve judgment until she meets my mother’s burly white lab and geriatric sheltie.

So you all probably have noticed that my posts have been lagging lately. I've been thinking about scaling back my involvement with this blog so I can write more for Sequart, but I feel that wouldn't be the proper thing to do. I still like giving writing advice and doing my short stories, which I both consider a form of exercise for my mind as a writer. The personal post is something I value. It’s an opportunity to be honest with myself and those that follow me. Still, I've decided it best to make my posting schedule less ridged. Starting next week I will still post three times a week, but maybe you’ll see a post on Tuesday instead of Monday, or a post Saturday morning instead of Friday. It’s all the better reason to subscribe to me so you can get round the clock updates on my content.

It’s weird to see my book on Amazon and iTunes up for sale. It never occurred to me that this day would finally come. The difficulties haven’t even begun to start, but at least my wife is a marketing coordinator. This kind of stuff is her bag. I still have a role to play in the book game as an author. I need to wave my arms around, flag down traffic, climb a skyscraper and shout from the top of the world, “Oh, by the way, you should read my book guys!” Beyond that I don’t have time to market myself. I need to work on my short story collection I began last year, but put on hold. My next book will be apocalyptic, but with that being the generic these days I want to search out a better angle. I hate what apocalypse books preach, what they represent. If I’m going to write a book about the apocalypse, it needs to be poetic and meaningful. I haven’t read the Revelation of St John in one straight sitting but it’s themes, to me at least, encompass what I would call a “meaningful apocalypse.” A good apocalypse is about beginnings as much as endings. Without closure on either end, it all decomposes.  

As far as the graphic novel goes, my artist and I have decided to push the release back to January 2015 for launch. We just realized that in order to color it and make sure everything looked nice it would take a lot longer to complete enough pages make for a good buffer when we start posting. Never fear though. From what Phil tells me it’s looking pretty good, and I hope you’ll think the same too. 

See you all next week! 


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