Sunday, September 7, 2014

Working For My One Day Weekend

Sorry about the delay guys…

My day job had me working on Saturday this past weekend, so my bearings are a little off. I’m beginning to understand as I get older why my mom sometimes forgets things; important things, mind you. Life becomes steadily more complex as tasks pile up. Obligations are established. It kind of makes you want to have panic attacks. Am I right?

Anyways, life goes on.

My wife recently picked up some more hours at her publishing company, which means some extra scratch each month. It continues to justify me breaking away and starting my own thing. I’d like to continue publishing my graphic novel, but having a part time day job could help me be more proactive in developing the project. My artist and I were talking about the progression of the comic, and though we are a little behind in the production process, our content is still good. It seems like forever since I’ve been able to work on it. I’m almost done with issue five, with five more to complete the first act. The latter half deals with the supporting characters, particular individuals I’ve wanted to flesh out and discover for myself.

It’s funny creating something, especially a world. There are so many details to consider. Each thread, the more you play with the narrative, is a unique piece of the fabric. One could say these characters literally live inside your head. They are your sentient creatures that submit to your direction. This resonates with me in a particular capacity because I am Christian. The way I look at my characters I imagine is the same way God looks at me. Some people inflict harm on their characters maliciously, others give them everything they want. My philosophy has always been to let them drive and see where they take the narrative themselves. It’s taken me almost 10 years I’d say to get to this point. *whew*

Starting tomorrow I am going to start a little column for the contributors of Sequart Research. Feel free to get in on the action and learn the fast track, no-holds-barred, life of freelance journalism. It’s, uhh, exciting. At least I think it is.
See you all then!


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