Saturday, September 13, 2014

Third Pass

Another week has passed. I grow older, fatter, wiser, etc...

If you didn’t notice I’ve started to write some shorts taking place within the Spirit of Orn universe. Going back has been challenging. I’ve moved on conceptually, so every attempt to revisit my world is like stepping into a dusty house. My book has over 204,000 words in it. That’s a lot of words! And those words create characters, situations, environments. It’s charming to go back and read your own work. After all, after so much time the writing quality changes, not from bad to good, but from one style to another.

When I started writing Spirit of Orn, I intended certain characters to represent particular factions or individuals. After a while, I just saw myself grappling with particular characters. I was demanding answers to difficult questions, looking to my characters to answer them. I see people write like that occasionally, though I’m not sure how “professional” that approach is. My biggest worry was that I might come off as heavy handed in my work, and for a while it was. I performed three major edits to counteract the older style approach. My first two passes dealt with updating the descriptive portions and wielding appropriate philosophy. The third and final pass was all about dialogue, which was the most glaringly antiquated. That was a bullet I’m glad I dodged.

Confidentiality bars me from giving away my most recent activities, but let’s just say, come Monday, I can share with you all what’s been on my plate for the last few weeks.

Beyond this, today I can finally resume work on my graphic novel. The past few weeks have been completely crazy. Today though… It’s looking good for scripting.

See you in a few days.


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