Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stone Pushing Uphill Man

Again I found myself in a position where I wasn’t able to make the deadline yesterday due to unforeseen consequences. The interwebz prevents me from sharing the reason for why exactly; however I will say that I am attempting to procure alternate means of generating funds for sundry life expenses.  Despite the insanity in doing so, I’ve still been able to maintain a proper work-life balance to my surprise.

My ongoing tango with continues. Every day presents a unique learning opportunity in which I find out how much I loathe digital publishing. Don’t misunderstand me though. I love the benefits of digital publishing, especially the low overhead and product delivery systems in place. But the problematic presentation of product, in which text auto formats or randomly breaks on the page is downright infuriating. I will admit that I personally prefer physical printing solutions, which are also not without their fair share of problems and QA, nevertheless the art of page layouts, callouts, and text formatting is still special to me.

Getting the book on Amazon is a hurdle on its own. Actually marketing the book comes next, something I have never done before. My core audience is certainly comprised of Sequart readers, but how many of them will dig my book is another matter entirely. This is the part where I will have to reach out to bloggers and other members of the sci-fi community to elicit support, something that I am not very well versed at.

But life is good midst the chaos. I don’t find myself to be a very interesting person, but interesting things certainly happen to me. My panic episodes are slowly dwindling in any case. I get them still, but they are completely manageable. I get the big ones few and far between, but they are no longer debilitating, which is a pleasant surprise.

I’m busy listening to the new Paul Gilbert album, Stone Pushing Uphill Man. It’s probably one of his best works yet. I am just enamored with the entire project from start to finish. Only one song on the album features his trademark vocals, but that track alone is worth the money paid.

Keep on keepin’ on world!


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