Saturday, August 23, 2014

Piano Problems

I own an upright Yamaha piano now.

Yeah, that just happened. It also explains why I was late yet again to my posting yesterday. It’s been one of those “memory neglecting moments spanning many days, up to a month,” things. Between writing articles for Sequart, resolving pesky Spirit of Orn complications, and driving all over southern California to network and establish relationships with indie publishers, I am beat.

Actually, on Thursday night my wife and I drove to North Hollywood to meet Jason Brubaker, writer/artist of reMIND and Sithra. The meeting was fun, productive, educational, and an opportunity to remember what it’s like sleeping in a car on the way back. I only woke up twice, thankfully, during the two hour car ride home. Day jobs man… it’s hard to have dinner meetings when your clock-in time is 5am.

Being involved in an industry where most of us work two, maybe three jobs to provide for our families (or hobbyist addictions), the balance between satisfaction and cynicism is a precarious thing. I think for the first time in a good while I am alright with my current employment. Generally this is a sure sign for unlikely advancements, at least in my experience. But what do I know. We complain and vent over our circumstances, and when all is overcome and surmounted we are granted our Get-out-of-Jail-Free card. Usually this means we are about to learn the hard way that the grass is always greener out there.

This same trap I’ve encountered while buying things. Retail therapy is the chink in my armor now, as I’ve become aware of my disposable income, and my ability to procure guitar equipment, comic books, and food with it. Salt and vinegar potato chips will be the end of me when, like Achilles, I will succumb to a crippling ankle injury resulting from morbid obesity and accelerated diabetes. Things, though, do not make you happy. I mean, I am happy when I get to watch all nine seasons of The Simpsons because my brother blessed me with a $100 Amazon gift card. (Lo, I say unto thee, there was one card, the card.) But after the honeymoon is over, now you have a bunch of plastic taking up space on your shelf. Take it from the guy who dropped off a ton of old clothes to the local Goodwill a few days ago, get rid of your stuff. Make room for new stuff and then let go of it again, preferably before your closet fills up with dress shirts you last remember wearing to your homecoming dance.

My wife is gone for the weekend, which gives me free reign over the house. This means that I can sleep sideways on the bed, beyond that I am trapped inside my four walls, inconsolable. I can’t make her laugh or smile over Facetime when she left her iPad here. And that makes me a sad panda…


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