Sunday, August 10, 2014

Friday on a Sunday: On Noah and Black Jesus

Last night it dawned on me that my Friday post was never posted.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and I realize that my work schedule is interfering with my brain. I work six days a week currently for a brewery, and up until a week ago I was working nine hours a day on top of that. When I say it out loud I feel less angry… Anyways, I’ve attributed the Friday warmth of impending release from my voluntary conscription to blog writing. It’s a shame that yesterday, my Friday on a Saturday, tripped me up.

I have some interesting opportunities coming up, the best kinds, the ones that are uncertain and undefined. I hate it when I see something coming on the horizon but can’t prepare for it, or even do anything about it. I’ve learned to have cautious optimism about everything from a string of disappointments. Mostly, I am at fault for this. What I can tell you all, without compromising anything, is that it would mean a tremendous change of pace.

Yesterday my Black Jesus article went up on Sequart. When I had heard of the dispute and hubbub that it was making I had to say something. Aaron McGruder is a very incendiary fellow, but a fair one. His primary project, a late night show on Adult Swim called The Boondocks, is an indictment of subcultures within the African American community just as much as any other, including whites. I appreciate the egalitarian bashing. Black Jesus is another thing. Much of what I’ve read on the matter is race oriented, as well as Jesus’s depiction as being crass and undignified. Much of what we currently know about Jesus is very muted, as I’ve said in my article, but there are a few gems that have trickled to the surface. Jesus had a sense of humor, renaming Simon as Peter, who was notorious for folding like a deck of cards under pressure. He also spent time with sinners. Blah Blah Blah. You’ve all heard this before.

Something shifted in me though. I wanted to defend the show as a legitimate outlet of creativity, something that is inviolable, God-image stuff. After seeing Darren Aronofsky’s Noah last night my sentiment feels further justified. As a Christian, I like seeing what people think about the biblical narrative. To the detraction of my Black Jesus article, I probably should have watched the show before defending it. I have a feeling, my sentiment of the show would have changed markedly, or at least pushed in a new direction.

I do think I will follow the show, when possible. Adult Swim is being less finicky when it comes to us non-cable folk nowadays. Sorry for the relapse into my faulty posting! These things happen.


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