Sunday, August 31, 2014

Current Events Include Waking Up, Finding Out Things...

Currently I’m enjoying a three-day weekend, which has, for me, become an elixir for my weary soul. They don’t come often, but when they do I put up my feet and read comics, books; all that fun crap that I never get to do anymore. My wife got me H.P. Lovecraft’s pre-rendered anthology, and how I’ve longed to read that.

Managing Sequart’s Kirby Week was fun. Being able to experience that from a behind the scenes perspective made me realize just how important scheduling is. I did most of it on the fly, per Mike’s direction, but playing it fast and loose is hardly the best way to operate. Scheduling is all about being surgical and to the point. Certain pieces do better on certain days. Certain authors have more pull. Etc.

Every Friday, I write one of these. (This time around I missed the mark by quite a bit, but better late than never I say.) It’s become my day to feel less interesting. Most weeks it’s business as usual; that’s how it is. When I read Tycho’s posts on Penny Arcade, I’m always mesmerized by his inclinations and commentary on the games industry. Maybe, were he to write about his life, the content would be less… eventful without the constant bombardment of beep-boop news. But the man has a personality. That’s the draw.

Contemplating Tycho’s well of experience, I’ve wondered what my live would be like with such plurality. I’ve met my fair share of minor celebrities, obtained goofy relics, mastered an instrument, and so on. These things come with age I’ve gathered, but I think any cult following I could draw is small. People follow people who do interesting things. The only interesting things I do are write comic books, books, articles, and manage an academic organization. (Well… when you say it like that.) Soon, someday, somewhere, I might have something more stimulating to report.

My ongoing dance with BookBaby continues, however the waltz may finally be concluding, thankfully. I now have a properly formatted, working copy of my book in Epub format. All I have to do is resubmit the proof to them and I can finally say that my book is on the interwebz. I’m curious to see how it does. I’m fairly unknown, but the internet is a big place now; the likelihood of someone stumbling upon my work only increases with every day. Also, I should note, that I’ve been trying to get a job with Apple for the past few weeks. I’ve already worked for them before, so it will be interesting to be a part of the team again. Apple is just one of those magical places, like a prison that protects you from the horrible, evil realms that are the sum total of average American places of employ. People don’t “last long on the outside,” I myself experienced Apple right out of college. I had no idea what gold I had plundered for myself. They say experience though tempers one’s outlook. Experience beat the shit out of me, now I am crawling back, trying to find my way through the mire.

I would wager that as the end of the year draws near I will find more to do at Sequart. My role is expanding as I endeavor to start up the company and push for more exposure and more renown. Hopefully I can make enough money to justify them to hire me. It’s one of those, “write your own ticket,” scenarios. For now, I must find a way to get front row seats…

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