Friday, July 18, 2014

That "Wedding" Feeling

My friend, and Creative Director/Designer of my book Spirit Of Orn, spoke prophetic words to me some months before my wife and I were married, saying something along the lines of this: “Getting married doesn’t really sink in until you get your first RSVP.”

He was totally right.

Making something, building up from the ground, is frightening. So many things can go wrong. I think many of the little victories in our lives are co-opted by the modern marvels that so vicariously sync with our lives. We forget that achievement comes at a cost, always. We sacrifice time, money, security, even relationships to taste the fame. I’ve had to avoid building an idol out of my book (as the Christian idiom goes). Even “good” things can become “ultimate” things, and when they do our identity buckles under the expectations. I had a nervous breakdown, accrued variable medical expenses amounting to almost two thousand dollars in the past few months to learn that writing a book and running a website isn’t everything.  

That said, not all is bad when it comes to guerilla publishing. Looking back, whether or not Spirit of Orn is received well, I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. I can say, “look at what I did,” and I’m okay with that.

But the hour approaches soon; the dawn nears. I have to autograph a thousand of these bad boys. Hopefully you can come by and see me at San Diego Comic Con to pick up your own digital advance copy of my breakout Sci-Fi Fantasy epic!


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