Friday, July 4, 2014


Once again I find myself getting ready to go on the plane to go up to my Seminal Fourth of July family reunion in Healdsburg, Northern California. My last experience wasn't as pleasant as I would've hoped but certain family circumstances have brought me back to the land of craft beer, winemaking, and fireworks. Drunk rants and awkward conversations to follow.

it's a shame that being a Webmaster isn't as glamorous as one would make it out to be, when you're wearing so many hats, which make you a big deal in the publishing and editing circles of the industry. Saying it out loud me feel like a kid living in his basement wearing oversize clothes that don't fit me. But as Internet grows so does the profession inevitably, thankfully.

The workload demands an attention to detail, precision, and fine tuning. One can make either the most out of it or take it at cursory glance. Either way it's a window into a new profession that can perhaps free me from the purgatory of post college aimlessness. Not that I don't enjoy the free beer and occasionally parties at my day job, I just enjoy comics more. Very soon I'll be living the Internet subsistence wage dream, doing what I love and one paycheck away always from living behind my local Vons grocers.

My ongoing prescribed substance-use of over-the-counter anti-depressants yields curious findings. I get panic attacks fairly
regularly now, only I seem to escape the worse effects of them. Instead they are more like periodic episodes of feeling tired and short of breath. It is irritating, but nice that I can go about my day without feeling like I am dying.

As opposed to last month, good things are coming up ahead. I will adamantly update you as things come up in the coming weeks. Until then happy United States birthday, sort of...


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