Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Self Examination and Writing

Well, I'm back from a long weekend.

The tradition of this blog is beginning to wear thin as I continue writing it. I've covered a lot of material in the past two years and, at the risk of repeating myself, I'm thinking about changing up the formula. What that looks like I haven't figured out yet.

Today though, or rather what I should have posted yesterday, I wanted to talk about work load management. Since my stress related problems began I've had to considerably rethink the way I approach work. I've learned that writing procedurally is something to be avoided. I used to think that one could do three projects at once. Now I've downgraded to simply one, OR two at half pace. Three projects at once is a foolish thing to pursue. Even I can admit that now.

Being that my energy levels are pretty low right now I will keep the lesson like last week fairly straightforward and simple: examine why you write.

It is one thing to write because you enjoy it, and it's another thing entirely to write out of a sense of urgency. When I write because I must, my body releases cortisone into my blood stress (AKA, Stress). We need to change our perspective. I've had to teach myself that I should approach writing because I ultimately enjoy it. It sounds like a no-brainer, really. But I must implore you that it is a hard lesson learned. So take the time some time this week to analyze why you write. Really think it over. It could mean that you're in for a massive life change.



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