Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting Things Done, Without Dying.

This past weekend was a bit of a wild one for me.I had some medical troubles which have inspired me to write this little post for you. I'm trying to take it easy, so forgive it's brevity.

Take into account that writing is a "time-added" activity. What I mean is that in order to write something you have to have time to write it. You must give up something else in order to write, generally. This time that is given up can amount to food, social time, exercise, relaxation, or "obligations," meaning chores/duties in one's own life. Notice that I included "relaxation" in the list. Yes, writing is not the same as relaxing; it's taken me until this weekend to understand that. Writing still takes mental energy, physical stamina. Just because it is fun to engage in doesn't mean that the act of writing is stress free.

Take my advice today, and try to re-evaluate why you write. Then find ways to schedule in mindless downtime, like naps or videogames to help mediate the stress. I feel like the body stores up stress until a point at which we have to lift up our hands and say, "I give up." I hit that wall this weekend really hard, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  I hope that helps.


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