Monday, June 16, 2014

Firefly and Ensemble Casts

Today me and the wife finally finished Joss Whedon's Firefly show.

It was a grueling affair, one that I will not soon forget. The show wasn't half bad, especially considering that I'm not a fan of his work in general. Ensemble casts are always dubious for their scale. Most often shows with too many characters, or superheroes (if we are referring to the marvel megaverse), are tough to scale. Conversations are reduced to shouts or guffaws without any risk or allure. But Firefly seems to be all accounted for, featuring fleshed out characters that are believable.

It's important to write books, stories, whatever you may fancy, with deep believable characters. That's not really advice, I guess. I would hope that that is the norm. Still, I think that the knee jerk reaction is to pen a plot with an ensemble cast that hasn't been fleshed out properly. So start slow and venture out with a single character, or maybe a dynamic duo. You'd be surprised at the results.


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