Saturday, June 14, 2014


I apologize for my erratic scheduling of these blogs this week. I must be off my game, literally; the game of life that is.

I got Thief the other day, not the old one, the new one. It's pretty good. Single player experiences are my new bag, which I prefer over the mindless repetition of online multiplayer. Thief's single player experience is very good, committed to tried-and-true formulas that worked well in the previous game. Some complained that the larger scope of the world was minimized by the patchy, stitched up loading segments, hiding the awful, horrible truth that it wasn't made with the Far Cry engine. I'm okay with most of this though. As long as I can thieve in the dark I am fully satisfied.

I had a meeting with my pastor the other day, one that I felt had been a long time coming. Lately, I haven't been myself (for obvious reasons). My mind has drifted from it's point of origination, and I have forgotten the core of my spirit. You see, maybe I can confess this, that I haven't been writing because I love to write. It's been quite the chore for the past year or so. But that's the product of deeper nefarious flaws on my part. You see, the objective I aim for, to love Jesus has been missed. He is my hope and my strength. Life changes, careers go south, people die, but Jesus doesn't change. As a christian, my hope, but also my joy, comes from Jesus. He's the only thing that make me truly happy. And that resulting happiness is what compels me to write. My writing is an act of worship.

So, suffice to say, I've been gone, mentally, for some time. It's all catching up to me, the stress, the anger, the existential woes, etc. Rather than say that it's over, I'd say that it's all beginning. Maybe now I can get over myself, my pride, my ambition, and focus on the Lord. He's always been marvelous at giving me great ideas. Writing has always been my outlet for worshiping.

Next week I do plan of sticking to the schedule, though I may be change up my posting times. I feel convicted that I ought to post while I'm not on my break at work. So expect my posts in the evening from now on. It's for the best I think.

See you then.


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