Friday, May 16, 2014


Between getting a good prognosis on my health shenanigans and the fires in San Diego, I can't figure if I am supposed to be relieved or concerned about where things are going in my life. Not dying is one thing. Then again, I wonder if I should be taking a backup of my computer with me and my guitar, should the "shit"
 really hit the fan, as the saying goes.

Wildfires come and go in San Diego. I liken them to Christmas and Easter. Every year they are paid attention to en mass for 24-48 hours, then summarily forgotten in the passing weeks. I read once that they are naturally occurring even, springing up in forests to clean house every so often. I wonder why then people are so surprised when their palatial ranch house estates are threatened by something that happens every year, consistently. I don't get mad at traffic jams, but some people do apparently.

I recently started doing some back end support for Sequart. I've learned a lot so far. Thing #1 that I've learned: apparently I'm the only one that proofs their work before sending it off. I'm actually not too surprised by this. I'm often very proud of the work that I put out, that is, until my wife gets a hold of it and rocks my naive conceptions. Little things like picture placement in the articles has become a new art form for me. It's one of the most amazing things to find an awesome picture and place it smack dab into the poignant area of the article. Some people are already keen to this meta-commentary, but I hope to become a veritable grandmaster. My Brian's Comic Book Grab Bag, series is in dire need of some sprucing. 

As far as work goes, it's going.

I've just gotten into African folk tales, which, consequently, have become my new favorite style of narrative. These are stories told that are isolated inside a worldview that I have yet to understand, but what does float to the surface is fascinating, especially when I glean stuff from them that I find in common stories that I've learned about here, in western culture. Understanding animism has helped me figure out how the stories work. But I'm still a "white guy"; these things are like an abyss. I want to report back next week and give you the nitty-gritty on what I've read thus far. I'm very much looking forward to it!


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