Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sixteen Memories

Sixteen memories keep my mind restless.

I was a child when my father died. Sixteen times he told me to be strong for the family, to take care of the farm, the animals.

In the midst of my adolescence I bought a broken car, fixed it, drove it and saw sixteen accidents arise between my fourteenth and eighteenth birthdays

My first love was consummated when I was 22. Shortly after we ended our relationship, after our sixteenth fight.

Four years later I married. Our wedding was small. Only sixteen friends came, for both our families were fighting.

To me, a son was born, on the sixteenth of July.

Sixteen times, his teacher told me, she had to send him to the corner that week.

Our debts mounting, the farm bankrupt, our bank seized our assets. Only sixteen cents were spared.

After a bad night, our son ran away from home and crashed our car into the neighbor's fence. He was sentenced to sixteen months in the county jail for destruction of property under the influence.

My wife and I split up, after sixteen years of marriage.

Sixteen weeks later, each of us encountered Jesus at a local church. We were remarried.

Our son, after being estranged for 2 years returned to us the $1600 that he stole from our family safe the night of his disappearance.

He introduced us to our new granddaughter. She was sixteen months old.

My mother passed away December 4th at 4pm.

The family doctor diagnosed me with cancer. I had a year and fourth months he estimated.

I have been in my bed for three weeks. Sixteen times I refused to go without food.

Four years of remission, my cancer has gone away. My doctor tells me it's a miracle. I was only one of sixteen survivors in medical history from the cancer.

Sixteen memories remind me that I am loved.

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