Friday, May 9, 2014

Sabbathing and Printing

So despite the troubles I've been having with my health, the ebook for my upcoming science fiction novel Spirit of Orn is more or less complete. Now, the trouble shooting process begins.

Editing an ebook to me is a new process. Considering that multiple platforms use different type settings (or at least leave it up to the tablet that is processing the document files), I've learned that the normal embellishments that the author is capable of making in a book become moot. Not only this, but creating fonts has been taken out of the whole game, other than cover design. I'm not sure how I feel about this, all things considered. Printing has always been an art. Without the flexibility of picking and choosing fonts, the creative expressions via text disappear, more or less. Then again, I also don't have to pay a publisher ten grand to print my first thousand copies that ultimately may end up living in my garage for the unforeseeable future; that is, unless I sell them. It's a give and take.

As for my health...

I think it's mostly in my head, but for safe measure my doctor, at my behest, has scheduled a CT scan to check me out. I'm crossing my fingers for a clean slate, then I can get back to my life, finally. This whole ordeal has given me a lot of thought though, about how I live, what I eat, and the effect my Day/Dream job has on my overall health. Working all these hours certainly has an impact, but how I spend my free time, if I have time for free time, has become an issue. We Christians call it "sabbathing." Submitting to God and asking him for rest has been something that I've neglected these past few months. Remembering that I don't need to impress him with my work, my talents, but understand that he is all I need, takes a huge burden off of my shoulders. So... one step at a time I guess.

He is all I need. Gotta' remember that...

Anyways, I am very excited. The book is coming, and the graphic novel is close behind! Things are moving, so I am very excited. I hope that I can show you some stuff very soon. Until, then...


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