Friday, April 4, 2014

"You Outta Time Brotha!"

Sometimes I yearn to see all the fantasy scenarios that stir and mash in my brain to come alive in full technicolor arrays. I'm the kind of guy that has a photographic, audiographic, etc, memory of television sitcoms. You know that one episode of Family Guy? I've memorized it. And therein lies my shame.

But when my day job collides with this fantasy reality it yields intriguing results. I was thinking, as I was told that we would have to come in on Saturday, as the deadlines to finish my scripts for the upcoming graphic novel loom yonder, I imagined afro-Peter Griffin materialize above me. "You outta time brotha!" he yells. Then I am jarred by a case packer fault. I return to the coldness, my winter storm.

It feels like you're caught in a blizzard, actually, when things begin to work out. I've never been caught in a blizzard before, but I imagine that it would be like my life is right now. Everything is lining up, finishing up, setting up for success, and now "life" fights it. I believe in sovereignty, of predestined will, so I pray everyday that God will help me, support me, get me closer to the end of the line. I ask myself, at this point why I work so hard. Is it worth it?

Thankfully I have a supportive wife, and a great team of people working with me. Go big or go home, man. Generally, at that point, things fall into place. Last night I was able to talk to Phil about the comic, for instance. Preliminary story concept work begins this month, and we will be going through all the scripts that I've written to find out what we can do to improve the story. (This is the part where I get a white board, and start madly scribbling stuff down, like when the guy discovers something important in a movie.) Revising plotting and narrative is my favorite part of building a story, so I am hopeful. Everything is raw and unsettled. People's lives are in your hands, and it's up to you whether to damn them or save them. Authors are like gods with insecurities and problems, so they say.

As of now, though, I've prepared 4 shorts, that will set up the reader to understand the universe the that the comic is set in. Tentatively, these finished pieces of art will appear along with a promo package of content around the first week of November. Cross your fingers! It will be a great time. Expect good things.


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