Monday, April 7, 2014

Writing Essentials: Consistency

Getting into the writing game depends on a few factors: style, personality, content. But all of these aspects of your writing are dependent on some core writing competencies. Having a good idea is one thing, but being consistent, producing content on a regular basis, is actually one of the most important qualities in a writer.

If you follow a particular writer, you probably check their twitter feed, or look for updates on their Facebook, or personal website for new material. A good writer always has new content up on a regular basis. Now, "regular" doesn't always mean new content everyday. Magazine readers expect a monthly issue. Beer drinkers expect annual beer releases. What "regular" means in this context is the expectation of content. So don't sweat it if your content updates are slower than compared to other writers.  Quality determines the value of your updates.

Consistency also means other things for your writing. The saying "practice makes perfect" is doubly true for writing. If you write consistently, you will expose yourself to writing, and therefore get better.  Some writers are better than others, but I guarantee that the writers who stand out from the nameless thousands do so because of practice and the sheer volume of material that these writers compose on a regular basis. Being consistent not only helps people pay attention to your work, it helps your portfolio as well.

I sort of touched on this earlier, but always make sure that when you are writing that the quality doesn't vary between story to story, especially in a series. We all have "off days," but be prepared for them when they come. The story must always come out whether or not you're ready to write it, so always bounce ideas around. That's always helped me.

Consistency is key! Always. I hope these tips helped. See you all on Wednesday.


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