Friday, April 11, 2014


Tensions are high at the day job today. I'd suspect it was because of the drama, or being overworked, or the long hours. It's one of those days that will be one to look back on, remember, and be glad that you were able to move on and get out.

This is usually how it goes. Moments of productivity are met with stagnation. This is not an exclusive problem to me though. I've heard in all the creative fields that the greatest obstacle to outputting content is the daily rigmarole that arises. I believe that this is all testing. Nobody ever gets good at writing, or being an artist, or being a game developer when life is easy going. Generally it's those pinch points, the days at the day job when everything goes bat shit crazy, when an idea comes to you. It's like Genesis under duress. God may have been the only creator that did have a bad day when he made it all.

Thankfully, I have some evidence of progress. I've begun writing about Milton in the Sandman book. The corollaries there are pretty remarkable. Gaiman is either a genius, or some conduit that taps into the vein of  the human experience. He and Milton seem to ask the same questions. Of course their answers are markedly different, but that is just because they are products of their eras.

So far, I'm about ten thousand words in. My only worry is that some chapters of the book will look lopsided in effort and priority. Hopefully this is just indicative of Gaiman's reliance on post-biblical texts. I don't blame him. We are all westerners after all. We all ask similar questions, that Christianity seems to address either directly or indirectly. Whether or not it's your cup of tea, the concepts there are heavy laden. They weigh on your soul, and people talk about them. I don't mind either way.

That's me today! See you all next week.


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