Friday, April 18, 2014

Apple a Day...

This week has been interesting for a few reasons.

I've realized that I can't over work myself. This seems a given, or maybe obvious, but not to me. I've always worked with this superhuman mentality. I've had this wild fantasy of going on a run and dying because I was just so hardcore that my heart gave out. I would hope that a passerby would say something like, "Geeze, way to go man." Though, the more I contemplate it, I think they would just scream and dial 911. It's a sex-on-a-burning-viking-ship point of view, to borrow a phrase. As I get older though, I realize that I am getting too old for this shit.

I lieu of my health issues I was rather incapacitated this week due to some bowel troubles. I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that I could be afflicted with so many arrows of misfortune. Lucky for me, I have health insurance, otherwise I would be a mess.

The ups and downs were peaks and valleys to the extreme. I made good head way on social media this week. Patton Oswalt RT's my article, which was pretty cool. And then for some goofy reason Gerard Way, who I had no idea who he was until I did a Google search, commented on the article. my suspicions were confirmed when I realized that a bunch of weird emo kids were favoriting my stuff. Good exposure though.

Site traffic has been slowing down substantially, but I found out that the reason why is that all the spam bots have left my site alone finally. That is a good and bad thing. It's nice to see real numbers for a change, but I'm also beginning to wonder if I should switch to a more professional platform like WordPress. I will eventually, but I'm beginning to feel it out.

Moral of the story here is that a healthy mindset goes a long way. I feel pretty good about the site, my health, and my progress. I just won't get too over enthusiastic about it. Progress is being made on my Graphic novel and the Sequart book so I am juiced either way.

Here's to you, interwebz.


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