Monday, March 31, 2014

Writing Essentials: Tools for Recording Good Stories

I've been struggling the past few weeks to come up with a new series idea for the Monday post. Fortunately I think I've landed on one, so let’s try it out; see where it goes.

So if you are like me and get really good ideas at inopportune times, then you must be frustrated. I know I am. I’ll be at work and think of something that sounds like a good idea, but then forget it by the end of my shift. Considering that the goal of a writer is content creation, it is imperative that we are constantly creative, all the time. Authors usually have their collections of one offs and short stories. These, are important to look over and analyze. Most writers only have a few good ideas, everything else is just the leftovers. So when looking at an author like Neil Gaiman, you’ll see that his unofficial bibliography is something like 10 million plus words. So it’s good to get your ideas on paper, write them, and distribute them. You’ll never know which one will be the hit.

So this is what I do for recording ideas: get a note pad (or something equivalent).  Write down your ideas often and frequently. I’d say get about 5 ideas a day, or enough to have some variety of concepts to work with. Then, after you do this, fully compose two of the ideas. When you are done, sit on them a week, then come back to revise. This will determine if the idea has staying power.

Lastly, have fun with this, and don’t stress out. That should go without saying, but it’s always something to consider. Always remember that content creation is one of the key goals of any beginning writer. This regimen will get you into the habit of creating content on regular cycles, while also giving you a large pool of material to work with. Even if the idea is stupid, still try to work with it. There are a lot of stupid ideas out there that get published, so there’s no reason to be snooty or a perfectionist when it comes to your material.

That being said, again, have fun and go nuts! See you all on Wednesday.


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