Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snap Shot Theater: The Beat

On his beat, Henri whistles an old tune, one from his childhood. New Angels smokes and burns green in the phosphorous enriched climes. He smells the sulphur.

"Go back, go back, back to the old country," his father said. "You can still climb trees, breathe without a respirator."

Six months, fresh out of the academy, they still give him a hard time. They don't invite him to parties. Once, his partner placed a blaster on a homeless  man without him knowing. Henri heard about Wayne the other day. Officer Constance gunned down by metahumans, what a waste. The Commission apologized in person earlier in the day.

In the debriefing room, he saw trailers unloading new squad cars.

Henri turned the corner and found a robbery in progress. A silly man in a polyurethane suit shattered a shop from with the butt of a ion blaster, and was stepping through. Cold, in his tracks, Henri met eyes with the super villain. Something hard formed in his throat.

"You want some of this?" The criminal spat, raising his blaster.

"Not unless you want to disappear like Singe," Henri replied.

Slowly, the villain nodded, beginning to understand. Henri, directed the villain to keep on walking. Without hesitation, the man in the silly rubber suit leaped out of the window, and bolted down the street, discharging shots into the air spastically.

Henri turned to the shop owner. The man was agape, astonished. Henri bowed the tip of his cap to the angered merchant and continued his beat.

Five blocks later he arrived at a small door, built into a small house, crammed between two large slabs of concrete. The screech and  flow of traffic washed over him, the overpass a deafening roar never-ending. When the door opened, Father Gara inspected him with searching eyes.

"No trial," he said, his voice low and disgruntled. "You come to finish me off? Who sent you? What family? You know, in my day, we told our hits who hired us. That's respect!"

"Calm down," Henri balked, pushing Father Gara aside. He walked through him into the suffocating interior of the safe house. "I'm not here to kill you."

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