Monday, March 10, 2014

Quick Tips for A Cover Design

The last few weeks I have been designing the cover for my book and going over price points and distribution models.

In light of this I felt inclined to do something today on designing a cover. This topic has been discussed before, though now I feel a bit more of an expert on the topic presently.

Designing a book cover is a very strategic process. There are several things to understand about it. First, it is never the author's job to design it. Get outside help. An author tends to be so invested in their work that they aren't able to make clear decisions when it comes to presenting their book to the public.

After getting this help, the cover itself must follow some guidelines. There are only 5 book covers out there, design wise that is. That note of this. All best sellers have completely droll covers, but they all follow conventions based off of proven models. Don't think about it too hard. Isolate a book that leads your particular demographic and design after this.

The design process is particularly regimented when narrowing down the final concept that will be used for the ebook or physical copy. Go in rounds. Do three rounds of cover designs. Pick only one and advance that concept forward based on that particular design philosophy. Always push at least one of the concepts in a radical direction. Doing this sometimes yields interesting results. It also keeps you thinking outside the box.

Once the final cover is completed, very important, proof it! This sounds stupid, but all the time I find mistake on mass market prints. Always remember that the cover represents who you are, and what you write. If your cover looks trashy and incomplete, your story will be mistaken for being just that.

That about covers it. A quick overview as always. See you all on Wednesday!


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