Friday, March 14, 2014

Paradise Lost Continues, And My Admiration Grows

It's friday.

What a week.

Paradise lost has grown on me, which I doubted would be the case at first. It's one thing to "appreciate" literature, it's another thing entirely to embrace it. I made an attempt to understand the English Civil War, the background, catalyzing events that precipitated the upheavals. Watching King Charles I make an ass out of himself in hindsight was a painful thing. Imagine the fun Milton had trying to integrate all his shenanigans into the greater narrative of Paradise Lost? I am a bit hazy on which side the fallen hosts of heaven fall into, parliamentarians or the royalists. They both seem ill gotten in their maturation.

This has been my first week back on my old schedule. Balancing day job and dream job priorities have been a struggle. I can't tell if I am producing more content, or less. One thing that I have learned from this journey, is that I will understand the appreciation for sooting down and being able to write uninhibited, refreshed. Maybe that's why so many writers drop out: they can't see past the bullshit of everyday tediums.

Being able to write for Sequart has been a godsend for my appreciation for comics. My Personal collection has expanded to atlantean mass, which I haven't yet decided is a good or bad thing. Recently, Lucifer Book One has debuted on my book shelf. I hear good things. Perhaps it will be the source of a new Sequart series? One hopes...

I may or may not be going to comic con this year. I cross my fingers, holding my breath.


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