Friday, March 21, 2014

Kids These Days...

So my associate, Desmond White, is a teacher-to-be, a dispenser in all things knowledge, an instrument of our state and federal arm to brainwash children with "Facts" and "History" pertaining to things that occupy idle minds whom blog to their heart's content about "the end of our national identity." (Which, more than likely happened some hundred and fifty years ago. Too bad they didn't get the memo.) He tells me that a learned man, a professor of Near Eastern religious antiquity, had come to his class to regale the intellectually sterile youth of his debonair exploits in the Gobi and the steppes of Mongolia. Fantastic they were, he exclaimed, yet, could not avail against the apathy of the "young adults."

Back when the Family Fun Center was still a place to go and play arcade games (what are those? you may wonder), I used to walk past the idle loading screens and see a variety of eye-grabbing phrases. Each one aimed at dissuading my untainted mind to avoid drugs and all things nefarious; I remember one.

"Knowledge is Power."

it read. Today it is an axiom that I live by, subordinate to holy things, of course. But now it seems that ignorance rules us so. Pop culture values foolery, or inebriation. I mean, maybe I've finally arrived at the crossroads of "oldness." "Yolo? What the F*ck does that mean?" My father, a relic of the 70s, doesn't understand the music that we kids listen to these days. I, as well, have difficulty understanding what the hell is wrong someone when they value doping their minds and devaluing themselves. 

I am the kind of person who latches on to people. Like a brain slug of science fiction, I cling to intellectuals and figures. I assimilate their ways and values into my own, selectively choosing what would better myself. Knowledge, indeed, is power, a weapon by which one can crush his/her enemies, destabilize regions, overthrow elections... bed women? Thanks Hitch. So these children joked, made merry while a man of diverse discipline bestowed upon them arcane wisdom, privy to few that have endured their human experience. This man had met with roving bands of indigenous peoples that rarely left desolate climes, isolated geonauts lost in the sands of timelessness. This man spoke to fools, and not to me! Heresy! 

But that's the way it is. I'll be remembering this when the sky rains sulfur after the atomic cataclysm. #YOLO #TUPACALYPSE      

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