Friday, March 7, 2014

John Milton, Heroic Verse, and My Battle to Understand Them Both

I Just started reading Paradise Lost by John Milton, and it's a thick read. I have no doubt that my unit on Christianity will be the most involved for my Sandman book, yet I worry if the appearances of preferential treatment are apparent here. Understand one thing: Christianity is the backbone of Western Civilization. As we venture into Post-Western Civilization, our understanding of Christianity will decrease as it it no longer considered "relevant" for understanding popular culture. Therefore, I will labor to make it understandable in the Sandman book. I just hope that people aren't suspect of any implied motives that I am trying to evangelize (which I do, but the book isn't intended for that purpose).

John Milton is a certified genius, a regular multi-lingual, dead language knowin', statesmen of yore. Hence, understanding him is a clusterf*ck. Granted, he was working off of the older gents of English renown, Shakespeare and Spencer to name a few, I still need to re-read passages over and over again. Luckily, unlike Dante's Inferno,Milton's style is less archaic (believe it or not) and significantly more cinematic. I can see the hosts falling into the depths of what would become Hell. I can see the anguish of the demons as they realize how stupid they were to oppose their creator. It plays out like a highlights reel almost.

With each book numbering nearly 40-50 pages in my print edition, I will have to move fast, but not too fast as to loose focus on what I'm reading. I should be able to track the main points through my first read through, and when I actually write the book material, I can narrow in on specific sections of the text. I ma really excited though, if I can be completely honest. While researching Milton's love for Old English, I discovered that I can learn it for myself. I found a reader for a course from St. Andrews College in Scotland with all the relevant materials. $100 will buy me knowledge of the arcane. That's really sweet...

I'm having a get together tomorrow via Google hangout for the second round of cover mockups for my upcoming book Spirit of Orn. It should be interesting. The last round was really cool, so I'm expecting to see what happens this time around. Also, me and my artist are consolidating some extra help, potentially, for the graphic novel project later this year. Things are developing, slowly but surely.

The book is still slated to come out the first week of April. It could be delayed a bit longer so we'll see. Cross your fingers!


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