Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Desperate State

The other day I found myself awaiting triage at the local apothecary. Strange that I was "awaiting" anything. You would think that when the call arrived alerting the ready acquisition of one's medical wares, the account would be truthful. I saw in the entire experience a prophetic vision of our decaying state, as the world turns on itself in one cacophonous roar. The extinction and demise of our fair economy and polity will be at the hands of the most mundane and foul entities. Lord have mercy!

I think I read in spite of these ominous fortunes. Maybe I can glean for myself from the history of Josephus, or the social allegory of Dante, what foul things await us? I find solace in the little breadcrumbs I can pick up from the ground. Stale as they are, better safe than sorry. Et cetera, et cetera. 

I am a socialist, a very un-American one. I believe that socialism is so un-American, that it will never work in America. The socialism that ever one glorifies is the work of our northern cousins, and their mentality of the whole thing is united via nationalism and common brotherhood. Our country is laughably divided, that we can't agree on whether or not Jesus was black, instead of realizing the asinine stupidity informing such a question in the first place. My medication requisition was a forerunner, an awakening to the absurdity of our common shame. I saw a woman demanding medication, painkillers. Why would she need so much pain medication in the first place? I can't answer that, only speculate. This Moderate has no answer for you.


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