Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Laufey's Treasure - Epilogue

Returning home wasn't a problem. Orn lay a few miles away, and there was still plenty of day light in the weaning hours of the day. Or perhaps Laufey thought it best to hurry? In their journey back he agreed with the rest of the party that it was best to not talk about what happened. Though this seemed to disappoint Amma.

She spoke little of the creature, but seemed to Laufey to have developed an affinity towards it in her captivity. Frankly, he wasn't surprised.When Laufey asked her about the creature a little later all she could manage was, "He was tired, and in need of great rest." That alone was enough for Laufey.

To his surprise, he never felt compelled to return to the compound they had discovered. Despite the promise of gold and treasure, he knew well now the cost of greed; at least what it could have cost him. It was a little surprising to see Anke gather a few new toys to amuse himself with: a new construct interface and a rare sword patch that he coveted from the marketplace. Anke had a way about him. He had sticky fingers.

A year ago he would have longed to go on another adventure, but was content to learn with his father the arts of war instead. It was more practical in his mind to do this, at least for the time being. There were many visitors arriving now from far away lands. It was better to be prepared for the coming storm, which his father saw brooding on the horizon. One of their own would be coming back soon, a man that he had not seen for some time. Word had it that he was bringing visitors from his travels: a man, his child, and his sister. But this was all hearsay. What would come of it, he could not say.

The End 

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