Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking Him Under My Wing

I've been a Sunday School Teacher and a Guitar instructor. Both professions I professed to be poor at. Little wonder that I would be apprehensive to becoming the English tutor for my friend's 8 year old son. I mean, one would imagine doing such a thing would be inconsequential. Two thirds of my posts are meant to be informative and wistful. I instruct for a hobby. To be paid for it seems logical.

I've been paid to accomplish a plethora of tasks. Thankfully, selling my body has never been among these things. (Though my day job has had me questioning this for some time.) Working for cash makes me nervous, because now my skills are being audited. My marketable rate is low, but could it be higher? Do I want it higher? Zounds!

The art of writing, then, has revealed its self to me, albeit ala self referential epiphanies. I've discovered that like any monkey we too can learn complex tasks through mere repetition. The lad doesn't even like to write, but already I have seen dynamic improvements.

O' wond'rous skill! Heavenly muses come fourth. Inspire thee with musings of simulated fantasy!Thrice Alpha, ne'er more, nor of lesser quality.Gird thee with touch-pad controllers henceforth!      

That was me, not him, in case you were wondering.

According to my Designer, now Marketer, my book will releases tentatively on April 1st of this year, several months ahead of schedule. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I consider it now a soft launch for October. At any rate, it only means you will see the cover art sooner! So there, have at it.

Not much has happened since. The Sequart book comes along slowly, but I am actually happy with this. I've been able to absorb more information that I would have, simply blazing through the text. Expository notes help tremendously. Right now I have entered the 8th canto of Purgatorio. Dante has a great mind for building universes. Being a Christian I can tell you with stalwart resolution that he's blowing smoke (a consequence of being a Medieval Catholic enthralled with Aristotelian precepts), but I suppose that Neil Gaiman followed suit in a similar way, crafting worlds that stressed cohesion at the expense of theological foundation. It's all quite fascinating. Getting to the actual writing, I look forward to now more than ever. As far as when that happens, I'll let you know. Until then.


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