Friday, January 24, 2014

Progressing through Dante's Divine Comedy

It's funny that my life is becoming more analogous to the passage through Hell that Dante endures. This I'm finding out as I read and annotate his Inferno, which I'm scheduled to complete by the end of this week. Then again I have been wrong before. I was raised Catholic, now Protestant, despise Purgatory, but find myself entwined with similar experiences that would lead me to believe that life's journey is just Purgatory in general. If that sounds familiar, it's because I stole that from N.T. Wright.

Given Shia's predicament I thought I should come clean with that. Knock on Wood.

Writing a Non-fiction book is really like writing a gigantic essay. There is so much to cover that it becomes a headache to structure and organize one's thoughts. Thankfully, that is my only marketable skill, so I have thus progressed with some alacrity so far. My segment on Christianity in the Sequart book will be the easiest to write as far as content goes. I have all of that covered. The tact will be another thing. Religion incurs baggage. Sometimes the weight of it is too burdensome.

In a way, this project will make certain that I confront the traditions of the world from an objective standpoint. I am well aware of the polemics that disdain the heathens, but people do what they do regardless. Finding out how I express my faith needs to get outside of needless categorization. This project will coerce me to accomplish this, hopefully.

I've begun a new series on Sequart Organization, set to debut... eventually. My presence as of late has waned, but I hope to experience resurgence soon. Fingers crossed!


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