Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 23

"Do you guard these cases?" Laufey asked, looking over the android suspiciously.

Slowly the android shook his head dispassionately.

"No. I am all that remains of my former masters."

Stepping closer, Laufey narrowed his gaze on the android.

"How old... are you?"

At this the android smiled, it's joints crusty and creaking.

"That is a worthy question. You are unworthy to receive an answer."

Lashing forward in anger, Geira suddenly tore through Laufey and drew a construct blade to the android's chest.

"Tell us now, or I'll carve out your synthetic heart!" she shouted. The way her arm bent, the way her posture drooped, Laufey could sense her strength and determination waning. Among them, he gathered, she was the only one with the courage to show that she had had enough.

Glancing down at the knife and back up at Geira, the android frowned.

"Then I suppose you are worthy..." he grumbled in a mater-of-fact tone.

"Some freak from the hill sent us down here to find something for him. He said it was here, in this compound. What was made here? What could he want?" Laufey interjected.

The android's eyes widened in surprise at the mention of the creature. Seeing this Laufey drew closer.

"So you do know?" Laufey said.

"Was he a science experiment?" Anke asked peeking his head out from behind Laufey.

"I thought he was a daemon," Kaun mumbled behind him.

"The creature," began the android, ignoring the two boys, "skulked around here for a while, then left. My database, scorched and debilitated by the storm, no longer has record of any of the wings of this installation. Whatever happened here, I am as witless as you are."

"Great..." Laufey muttered, turning from the android. He saw the vials in Geira's hands and snatched one of them out of her hands. Turning back to the android he held the vial to the android's face.

"What is this," he asked, "Could this be what the creature wants?"

The android tilted its head to the side, with uncertainty. A thin ray of crimson projected from its eyes, scanning the object back and fourth, then disappeared. It then lowered its head in thought a moment. In the stillness of the room, Laufey could hear a fan kick on inside the android's head.

"That is a vial of potent chemicals which enhance the power of the body. I suppose they are anti-bodies. Your creature is rather sick then."

"A life for a life,"  Ragna murmured.

"Thank you for your help, android," Laufey said with confidence.

"There is not much else I am programmed to do but that," the android replied, lowering it's head in sadness.

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