Friday, December 13, 2013

The Hobbit - A Lighthearted Review

So I, among the throngs of prepubescent tweens and star trek nerds, assailed the local cinemas to glimpse at the first images of The Hobbit last night. This is why I am late posting, and I am not sorry.

Well, maybe...

Anyways, the film seems to have tapped into a deeper reality of most Hollywood adventure pictures to date. Rather than be confronted with deep philosophical truths, more often than not, our experience at the theaters is more akin to a dairy farm. We are the cows eating our rich nutrient paste from the troughs, wondering all the while if we are partaking in the flesh of out fallen brethren. We are what we eat, but only when we begin to feed on our own bodies do we realize that we have approached a deeper madness.

But, this is okay.

In fact, this is better than okay. It's marvelous! Peter Jackson's films truly have, in the words of Christopher Tolkien, "eviscerated" the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, but we must be okay with this. What we have been given is a conceptual universe on the scope and scale of Star Wars. Concept fantasy versus philosophically driven fantasy is always easier to digest. That is the way of the age, and because Peter Jackson successfully achieves this in all his film none complain. Even the diehards, the drones that sup from the hairy New Zealand teat of Mr. Jackson, are so reprehensibly, philosophically illiterate that they fail to understand what is before them beyond them beyond bastardized folk myths of the Viking Age.

The Hobbit was a well intentioned film, born of love and admiration for the source content. It's a shame that none see past the flashy bits to understand what it really means. Unfortunately, in order to do that, we must be Oxford doctoral candidates.

Go see it, I say. You'll get exactly what you are looking for, no more no less.


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