Friday, December 27, 2013

Swag, And Then Some

It's odd closing down a year and coming in to a new one. I always feel that twinge of regret, the knowledge that another year has passed. This feeling of morbidity, offset by the bountiful harvests of swag and transient distractions from the cold gripping hand of death, can be a confusing one. Actually, this year I got my hands on Neil Gaiman's new novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Very excited!

Anyways, As far as updates go, there are none. My novel is currently being slaved over by my wife, who steadfastly soldiers onward. This edit is meant to cull the few remaining inconsistencies from my book. My projections are hopeful that once this step has been taken, there will no longer be any glaring faults associated with the project. This is for the best. Also, I've recently purchased the first of several books that I will need for research concerning my Sandman books that I am writing for Sequart Research and Literacy Organization. I'm starting my work on the parts that deal with Christianity first. Do what one knows best, hmm? Afterwards, I've gotten some textbooks dealing with animism and orientalism that I need to go through.

So I guess there are a lot of things that are new...

One more thing! Archaia has received my application to their internship program. The actual thought of me going up to Los Angeles to do an internship wouldn't sound nearly as cliche if the prospects of me doing so weren't so threatening. One must quit jobs, couch surf at friend's houses, reapply to old jobs if prospects are emptier than hoped, etc. Anyways, your thoughts and prayers are welcomed, nay, encouraged!

My artist continues to procrastinate ala "being with family" on the cover illustration for my upcoming book. When he gives me the proofs, goddamn me if I won't share them around for the whole world to see, including you, reader.

Life goes on and the battle rages, but aren't you glad you aren't me? Kidding. Just stay tuned. Things are a'foot!


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