Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Bonuses and Project Updates

Is it Friday already?

This is the first year since I've been out of college that I've not had to set foot in a mall unwillingly. My predilection to enjoy this juletid derives solely from my inclinations towards Christianity, everything else can be wrapped up into a festive ball of refuse and burned. Relationships are strained, as family relatives paw at you like peckish wolves. The world goes mad briefly, championing willful statements like "the reason of the season" to justify acts of horror and injustice. Sadly, their crusades yield only emptiness and cheap victories.  

I recently got a holiday bonus, or as I refer to it, "revolt insurance," from my day-job employer. The holiday bonus reflects a wonderful time of year when employers give their shiftless employees a little extra pocket change. I imagine the gesture is apart of some larger scheme, one bent on satiating the secret societies and G-Men that watch over us from their secret televisions. It must be to their amusement then as they watch employees open their prizes to find that Uncle Sam has taxed the living shit out of it. Result: my $500 bonus is reduced to $280 in one fell swoop. Treason! Madness! Villainy! Perhaps it is pure irony then that I am a socialist. Honest to goodness, I wouldn't mind such egregious taxation, were the government actually to give me something valuable in return. Do we still have libraries?

The year of our lord, two-thousand and fourteen, will be my proving grounds, the Waterloo of my ambitions and fortunes. I've got so much going on. Sequart has commissioned me (with encouragement) to write a book for them. Not only that, but my long awaited novel will finally see the light of day on Amazon Kindle. Between the success of these two projects I will also be hopefully publishing the first couple of pages of my online graphic novel with my cohort Phil.

So much can go wrong can't it?

How do I keep sane, you ask? Baby steps, friends. "Rome wasn't built in a day." No, but, it was built on the misery and conquest of millions. Now, I must conquest the hearts of readers, one sentence at a time.


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