Monday, December 16, 2013

Building Characters: Where we have gone, Where we can Go!

I thought it prudent to have today be a bit of a recap on our work in creating characters. It's been great so far (I think), and we've covered a lot of ground. What I do today is actually something not all too uncommon in the book writing business. Reconciling your material, streamlining it, and restructuring it is a necessity. I've been writing this series since the tail end of October. Let's see what we have!

  • Character Foundations: The Silhouette - Every character needs to be distinguishable in an iconic kind of way. This first step begins with constructing a silhouette for your character that will be immediately recognizable.   
  • Character Foundations: Descriptions - This lesson, and the following one, deal specifically with the two approaches I take on describing characters when writing books:  "Show Me" and "Tell Me"
  • Recap! Let's Make a Character! - Four weeks ago I fabricated a character taking our previous lessons and put them to use. The result was Reinaldo, a royal printer from a period setting. 
  • Crafting an Accent Comprehensively - People go overboard sometimes when they make up accents for their characters to have. Here I lay out some principals that can help alleviate the urge to make your character speak unrealistically. 

Take this week to review where we have gone. Next week I will move on from Character Development to a new series on the Philosophy of Writing. I hope to see you there!

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