Friday, November 22, 2013

The One Where I Contemplate Going Mad

I'm getting tired. Maybe it's just because I keep working. In my mind I think to myself, "oh, the end will come," and I hope this is the case. I still go to the gym, maintain an active, healthy lifestyle on the weekends. Despite all of this I feel fat, constantly. Maybe I'm just reading too much comics, and my musclebound role models never had a food associated coping mechanism? But then I remember, "Oh, I haven't had time for recreational reading for the last two months." That figures.

The holidays have, for myself, been a testing ground of mental fortitude since I could remember what a Christmas tree looked like. Maybe it's just because I  have (or think I have) S.A.D.? All I know is that I have mounting projects with little time to accomplish them in. My life more and more is like a long distance race without a finish line, and every body around me is from Kenya.

To give you an idea I've begin to proofread for Authentic Publishers, a publishing company based out of Australia. That's actually not too bad. I get paid to read books and change them. I feel like a Time Lord, almost, getting to re-write future history in real time. Sequart has similar needs as well, which I gladly take as well. Those I don't get paid for really. But everyone has to start somewhere. Then there's always the next project, a Sandman Sequart book. This is underway, and my books are soon to be ordered.

In all of this my hope is to not go mad, which I wouldn't mind come to think of it... Don't mad people get free room and board in a calm, non-stimulating environment for the rest of their lives? It's not a bad prospect when living in the state of California, or as I like to say, "in utter poverty." Things are looking up though. They always are. I have my sanity to thank from my relationship with Jesus and my wife, both of which are tested, strangely, on a regular basis.

Very soon I will be having another meeting with my designer and illustrator for another sit down, I'll give you updates when I hear back from them on their progress.

Until then, well, don't go nuts. I'm already there!


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