Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 16

Trembling, Kaun woke his brothers. Kaupi and Keli began to weep as he revealed the news about Amma. Anke was still and quiet, murmuring words best left unspoken. Ragna pulled at her hair and Geira began to panic, becoming filled with fear. But Laufey did nothing. Absolutely nothing. He felt the weight of responsibility crush him, the heft of expectations deflate his ego. He had let Amma disappear, right out from under his nose.

It was his fault.

Geira screamed, "Amma! Amma where are you!" into the woods hut to no avail. Eventually Ragna slipped out of her  stupor and came to her aid. Laufey watched this transpire in his mind. The surreal moment passed by, vaguely apparent that he was related to it. It was like watching someone from behind them, speculating how they perceived the world. Stooping down into the tent he took the switch that was strewn across the ground. Along it's stem were three red berries packed into a tiny cluster near the base.

"This is evil," Kaun whispered nervously.

"What are we going to do?" Geira said her voice feverous and shaky. Ragna came in from behind to calm her.

"Everything is going to be alright, okay?" We will find your sister no problem.

Geira began to whimper. Her eyes turned red and she wept throwing herself into Ragna's arms. Then, she shot a glance at Laufey, filled with anger and indignation.

"This is your fault!" She growled. "You wanted this stupid treasure, and look where it's gotten us!"

Laufey held up his hands in innocence backing away.

"Me?" He said incredulously. "How is this my fault? What did I do?"

"Were here because of you!" She screamed, her voice shriveling at the end into a hoarse cry. She sobbed hard into Ragna's breast, the latter helplessly looking at Laufey, unsure of what to do.

The triplets huddled together as one. Kaun, holding onto his other brothers heaved a heavy sigh.

"Okay," he started," what are we going to do?"

They all looked at him, including Laufey, who felt obligated to answer, though nothing came to mind.

"We need to find her," he began, "she couldn't have wandered off. Maybe she walked off to just go ti the bathroom and got lost." Though plausible, the idea didn't go well with Geira and Ragna, who mutually cast him a look of disdain.

"That's what happened?" Ragna said.

"It was just a guess okay? I'm trying to help."

Laufey looked at the ground, then at Kaun who he noticed rather still. Curious he walked closer, and saw that Kaun's gaze was affixed to the darkness. Something was moving in the bushes.

Laufey took out his construct and powered on it's illuminator and shinned the light when an old man covered in ferns appeared then disappeared. The rest had seen it too, who were now frozen in place, unable to move. Laufey couldn't either. Something evil dwelled near him now, and he could feel it's breath coming down of him.

"You. This is your fate. Why are you in my wood..." A low, rumbling voice boomed behind him.

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