Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 15

"When are we going to get to the end?" Anke moaned. "This story is soo long!"

Laufey squinted his eyes, pulled out  from the story by Anke's entreaty. Looking around him. His sister was looking into the fire, unmoved by the interruption, calm and wistful.

"Why would they have failed?" She asked, turning her head to Kaun. The boy shrugged.

"Dunno'" he said, "I like stories with mysteries though."

"And why mysteries?" Anke spouted incredulously.

Kaun leaned back then. He didn't hasten to answer as he did before, pausing a moment. Weighing the options that presumably entered his mind, he bobbed his head here and there. Finally he another piece of wood into the fire. 

"Mysteries give us a reason to keep listening, I think. My dad told me that , sorta'. He's always better at talking than me."

"Is that why we don't know the woman's name?" Ragna asked. Before Kaun could reply Laufey laughed at the question. 

"It's because she's a woman," he said with sarcasm. "Obviously! Geira here sounds more a woman than her anyways."

Geira perked up. She didn't say a word, though her cheeks turned a rosy color. But it was hardly noticeable under the dim light of the fire. 

"Oh, shut up!" Ragna retorted. "I want to know."

Kaun nodded leaning back into his brothers who had fallen asleep, folding his arms playfully.

"And know you should, Ragna," he replied looking at Laufey rebelliously. "You never know if it's her power, or a deeper trait of hers that will come back. The best stories are the ones we have to keep hearing, over and over. Those are the ones that we memorize and pass on." 

Laufey laid back and looked up into the night sky. He gave up. Contending with them wasn't worth the salt. As he did though, a chill passed through him, one that he had not felt before. Rubbing his arms didn't do much for it. "Probably a bad wind he thought."

Geira raised her head shortly after, suspiciously scanning the outskirts of the campground. She grew exceedingly uncomfortable after that. 

"Amma is gone," she said flatly, paralyzed. 

Ragna shot her a look of disbelief.


Laufey found himself rising up first, dashing over to the tent laid out behind him. Panicking, he ripped open the canopy and saw her blankets lifted up, and vacant. Then, his heart pounded. Loudly. On the ground was a switch of lingonberries. 

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