Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 14

"'I want you to get up this instance,' she said, placing her hands on her hips. 'There's work to be done.'"

"Minophus frowned, shaking his head spitefully."

"'Work? You still dream... Lovely. I kindly restate my original sentiment: sod off! That was a long time ago.'"

The woman was taken aback. 'Minophus,' she thought. 'You were such a gentleman once.'" A foul smell suddenly wafted to her nose, causing her to cringe.

"'Oh, you've been drinking,'" she exclaimed waving the smell away.

"'Aye,' Minophus replied, 'I do that now, drink that is. You ought to try it sometime. Really takes the edge off.'"

"'But our oath,' she entreated. 'have you forgotten our purpose, our fate?'"

"'Fate? For god's sake, get a hold of yourself...'"

"'Us meeting here, that is fate.'"

The man begrudgingly conceded that it was indeed somewhat odd that he would see his sister once more, after having walked the midday realm of man for something equaling a rough five hundred thousand years. And were his sister to have guessed at the remaining alcohol in his flask, her tenacity would have broken his stubbornness. Fortunately for him. He was rather apathetic about the whole thing still. Bitterness was a far better friend than conviction.

"'Fate, coincidence, same thing. Gods, do you know how long its been since I've seen you? I couldn't even recognize you. In fact, my mind is so wearied I don't imagine that I ever would have recalled why I was here in the first place. So, if you would be so kind, I need to drink, forever, alone.'"

"'No,' she said firmly, laying her hand on him. 'I'm not losing you again, not to this. Get up or I will make you get up.'"

"The man smiled a little then. He would like to see her try..."

"And try she did."

"She grabbed the man by the hand and threw him high into the sky. That was his theory he imagined. It explained why he was in upper orbit. Feeling his lungs begin to burst, she was there again right in front of him, floating like an angel. With a swift blow, he found himself rocketing to the ground once more. All over him, his clothing burned and singed, until it disappeared altogether."

"And then he was back, on the ground, and all around him the forest was on fire."

"'See,' he began to say, 'Look at the mess we have made. That was your fault.'"

"She smiled and looked around her. She was floating over a crater that encompassed most of the forest. all around, trees ages old, were disintegrating and vanishing from the world. Hundreds of animals lay dying, hidden away or out in the open. It was an ugly sight. Nevertheless she pointed at him scathingly."

"'Then do something about it,' she said in a cold voice.

"The man, torn in his soul, looked around. He saw what she did, and it broke his heart. She made him do this. He had gone so many years since his last summoning. He nearly forgot, even. Opening his hands, he stretched his powers over the earth, and everything was renewed. The trees were no longer on fire, the animals restored to health, and what once was the crater was replaced with a field, then a road, as if nothing had happened."

"'So this is the part where I believe in myself, eh?' He said sarcastically. 'Shown me the error of my ways have you.'"

"The woman glowered over him. 'He had his due,' she thought to herself. 'Why must I keep reminding him?'

"'Come here.' she said to him, picking him up again. 'I just want us to be friends again. I want to find Cerebus, solve this mess, go home... Why can't you come with me?'"

"Minophus gritted his teeth, looking away feeling shamed. Patting down his silken garments, fully threaded once more he stepped forward into the road and put his fingers in his mouth. He blew but no sound came."

"'So you two have been up to no good, haven't you?' She said, hardly surprised. 'That explains why it took me so long to find you.'"

"'Perceptive,' Cerebus said, emerging from the trees. He was in his hidden form, merely a small dog at first glance but underneath his coat a rumbling power surged.

"'And you had something to do with all this?' The woman said with a frown."

"'Aye. I think it's time we've had a talk.'"

(To be continued...)

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