Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 13

The following is my new short story series entitled "Laufey's Treasure." It is an action adventure series featuring minor characters from my upcoming novel in their own lighthearted journey. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to catch my previous short story featured in the same universe called "The Adventures of Reynard Olfsson." 

"You don't know them. They are those that slither away into the night after all have gone to bed. 

"A dog, a man, and a woman. 

"They go by different names, different than what you might expect. They have watched since man could remember. Their names are lost to them now. Only the dog remembers the first master they swore to. For the others, it is a dim memory shrouded in mystery. 

"Before it all began each of them had a sword. These were swords unlike any other. They were avenging blades, given to them by the powers of heaven to break the will of those that would practice evil. This particular evil they did not know, for it had hid well from their sight. Watchful they stood upon the perch of their fortress, gazing contemplatively out into the world. But one day they met an evil that they could not defeat. This evil broke their spirit and will. Their immortal, beautiful forms were cast then into shallow bodies, let alone to stray into the wilderness, with only the promise of fate to reunite them once more. 

For eons, they waited. 

One day, not too long ago, in a land that many no longer rightly remember, it is said that the woman was wandering, pondering where it had all gone wrong. Her mind mulled over the final blow, the disbarring from her home, and her wretched fate when she struck a man, tripping over him.

"'Gods! What was that for?'

"I'm so sorry, oh dear. Are you alright?' She said hastily. 

"Leaning down she picked him up, careful not to reveal her strength, and dusted him off with the back of her sleeve. 

"'What on earth were you doing down there?' She asked, hoping the poor man was not hurt or dying. 

"'I was thinking,' the old man replied, slightly irritated. 'Can a man think without some mad woman interrupting him?'

"The woman raised her hand to chide the man but thought it best not to. He was awfully cross, and he probably didn't mean it. Sometimes people, when they are mad, release their anger onto another out of spite. This is what she had learned at least in her time walking in the world of Man. 

"'I'm sorry to have injured you, sir.' She replied kindly. 'Wherefore do you go, and I will see you there?' 

"'Bah!' Replied the man. 'I have no need of any help, thank you. Besides, I hail from a faraway land that you, nor the gods did they so please, cannot return me to. I am old. Let me die in peace.'

"The woman felt terrible about the way the man felt. He looked so alone, and yet, so familiar.

"'Where do you hail,' she asked, 'that I may give word to your brothers should I find myself there someday?'

"The old man laughed. His body rumbled, quaked, and quivered, so much so that she had thought that he could be ill. 

"'That is not for you to know, girl,' he said shaking his head. 'For goodness sake go bother someone else. Off you go!' 

"'The woman felt rather offended by his words then, folding her arms with a scowl. But the remark was typical of a man she once knew. It took her a while to recognize him. And when she did, she knew him well indeed.

"'Minophus,' she said, 'what fool do you take me for that I  would not recognize my own brother?'

"Minophus paused a moment, lifting his hand, then putting it down, then lowering his head in shame.

"'What do you want?' He said."

(To be continued)

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