Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 9

The following is my new short story series entitled "Laufey's Treasure." It is an action adventure series featuring minor characters from my upcoming novel in their own lighthearted journey. I hope you enjoy, it and be sure to catch my previous short story featured in the same universe called "The Adventures of Reynard Olfsson." 

Chapter 9

"'And the man was young again?'" Kaun repeated aloud. His face was soured, completely robbed of satisfaction.

"Jesus Christ, Anke. That ending's awful!" he continued. 

"Hold on now," Laufey said holding up his hand, "Kaun, really? You are unbelievable!"

Kaun shrunk a little and looked away remorsefully.

"Apologize," Amma said, looking uncomfortably cross, "what an awful thing to say to somebody."

"I didn't like it, that's all." Kaun mumbled innocently.

"I didn't like it either," Laufey retorted swiftly,  "but you just don't say things like that."

"Hey," began Anke, looking up at Laufey.

"Not now," they all said at once, looking at Anke.

"It sounded like he made up most of it," continued Kaun. "Where was the rising action, the plot, the characterization?"

"I admit it was a bit bland," murmured Amma with a nod.

"Well If you know so much about stories," said Kaun, sounding indignant, "then why don't you tell one, a good one."

They all looked around one another pensively, Laufey on guard against all of them. Anke just sank in his seat, mortified with embarrassment. Laufey saw this and felt sorry for his friend. He did recall volunteering the boy only a handful of minutes ago. So after another long pause between the rest of them in the silence of the night, Laufey felt brave once more and thought of a tale he had heard growing up. It was his favorite tale to tell, and rather appropriate.

"Fine," Laufey said. "I'll tell you a good one."

"I met a troll once. People say that trolls are stupid but that isn't true at all. Some are stupid, maybe most of them, but a handful you can talk with. I've heard people say that they are only of habit to live under bridges, but that also isn't true. I met this one in a town up north.

"I was with my dad, going on a trip to visit relatives. The journey was long and difficult, but we were both strong, me and him. Nothing could wear us down, not even a blizzard.

"We came into the town and he was the first thing I saw, the troll I mean. He was a big bastard, probably 7 to 9 feet tall. He wasn't incredibly ugly, but he was definitely a troll. His face was covered in hair, just like they say in the books. He was running a stand vending trinkets, the kind that no one cares about. But I had to look. I love trinkets of all kinds.

"When my father was stolen away by his uncle I sneaked off and found the troll. He was humming a little tune: 'Dee dol dum dum deedilly doo dum dum what do they call the greatest one?' I didn't care much for it. Trolls smart or stupid aren't the greatest of singers.

"When I approached the table he looked at me and said in a low throaty voice, 'Three guesses, one prize. Try your luck little man?'

"His wares were something else. There was a construct wand braided with gold and silver. It looked incredible, probably a vintage one from way back. Next to it was this here construct map, and beside that was a dagger. They didn't sound like much, but one of them I hold now in my hand and is the subject of our quest..."

"Hold on," Kaun objected. "Why would you tell us that one of the prizes was your map there? Now we know the end of the story!"

Laufey smiled proudly and sat up tall gazing at them through the flames. 

"Oh really?" he said. "Be patient preacher-born, I haven't even gotten started yet..."

"Yeah, you would tell this story," Ragna said sarcastically. "Sheesh..."

Laufey looked at them both and folded both his arms. 

"No, this story isn't mine exactly."

Hearing this, they all leaned in with cautious curiosity painted on their faces, even Geira.

"It's the troll's story," Laufey said, smugly, and took a bite out of his sausage. 

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