Friday, October 11, 2013

A Wedding For A Good Friend

Usually I post longwinded blogs about my life every friday. Today my attention is elsewhere, believe it or not. My good, and dearest friend Matt is getting married to his beautiful fiancé Allison. I am a groomsman in this affair mind you, so I am busy as shit helping them plan and get their things in order for the big day.

Yesterday we did a great bachelor party, all organized by my artist for my upcoming graphic novel, Phil Kiner. An evening replete with fondu, hipster cafes, and luxury rental minivans, it was a blast.

Today we do the rest of the stuff. Dress rehearsals, a dinner, and the final night. Should pan out nicely. God is good, yeah?

I love you all! Stay tuned for next week. I've got a lot of good material ready to share.



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