Friday, September 27, 2013

You Might Be a Winner!

Today's blog title describes how I feel.

I should of had this posted earlier today but I recently changed shifts at my day job. Though I am typically more invested in keeping a routine consistent, I dropped the ball. It's my fault. Business as usual.

It's not often that I feel compelled to pat myself on the back. (I do it to keep up with the "self -loathing" author chic.) This week's short story though got me really excited. Pure narrative genesis is one of those things that just doesn't happen. Somehow I achieved this Wednesday morning and I am still riding the momentum. (Look for opportunities like this when you are creating content and just ride it out. It will always work out for the better.) In the story, Laufey and his friends have just started off on their journey to find this gold. The primary antagonist-like figure has been introduced and Geira isn't on board with the journey. I wanted to lighten things up with some stories and give an opportunity for the reader to get to know the characters that will populated this tale. As you might have expected Geira's tale is very conservative and traditional. This style of narrative will change for each character and I am intrigued with what may happen with it.

"You Might be a Winner." It's such a cliff hanger of a statement. It suggests that good fortune is imminent but entirely speculated. Right now I feel like things in my life are moving around. Nothing lateral has occurred in my moving. I'm not making more money, or subject to momentary windfalls, I just feel like things are gaining traction. I struggle to be a cautious optimist, so I default to cynicism. Today though I find myself without anything to feel really cynical about. I just hope the momentum endures.

Last Saturday I had an meeting about my upcoming book's design layout. I think it went well. A lot of ideas were kicked around so I'm hoping that in the coming months I can get a first cover page design up here. This Monday though my artist for the graphic novel that I am going to be doing will be driving down for a concept meeting at my house. Finally, all these little characters that I have in my head will be able to gain some concrete features. (By features I mean, hands, feet, and faces. They need those.) Now that my wife has gotten a job working at a publishing company based out of Australia, I hope to gain a better understanding of the potential markets that I haven't thought about reaching yet. I am crossing my fingers that I can create characters that are compelling but also very versatile and with depth. These are all givens. As authors we want "compelling" characters. Yet, to a certain degree, one must glean exactly what "compelling" means. Compelling for a certain group is not so for some, etc, etc.

So things are good on my end. I'm looking forward to another productive week.


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