Friday, September 13, 2013

On Getting Old

Generally I try to have these things come out earlier in the day but this morning I was on a hike with my friend Mark, a local aspiring physician's assistant. Having a friend in the medical field is a real blessing, so when my legs started hurting he was able to diagnose my symptoms as a bio-mechanical problem. So now I am icing my IT band, and eating a yogurt parfait.

I am now 25, which is that age when your body's indestructible qualities wane. Now, silver bullets, garlic, and a whole manner of folk remedies can disable me, and let's just say the fear of God has been put in me for better or worse. It's incredible to imagine that only 4 years ago I was jogging 10 miles a week. Now I can't run longer than 20 minutes without my legs completely ceasing up. I bike still, but according to Mark it doesn't strengthen my gluteus medius, so I need to supplement my biking with something else, otherwise I am favoring certain muscle groups. It's a shame. The endorphin high after a jog is markedly different than biking I've noticed. I suspect it's to mask the pain that running naturally creates in the body. The catharsis of smashing the soles of your feet against concrete is numbing and blissful once all is said and done. It's extremely enjoyable.

As I get older I hope that I will retain my athleticism. My parents are either in their 60s or steadily approaching and are in top shape for their age demographic. With them, the issues are still there, yet they soldier through it, slowly modifying their regimens to accommodate for new injuries and limitations. It's important to be physically healthy especially when you have kids. One of the greatest tragedies of modern parenting is the supremacy of mixed media and internet connectivity which dopes our society into a sluggish state of complacency. I believe that an outgoing parent models for a child that it is important to disengage and roam the Old Real every so often. But then again, what do I know, right?

All that to say, with age comes opportunities. Right now feedback is coming in from my book. So far so good. I have mixed and positive feedback primarily, nothing particularly negative thus far. I also had a meeting with my designer and artist over Google Hangout. It went well and we got tons of good work done. We are going to reconvene soon to come back with more ideas. Cross your fingers! Also, I'm feeling pretty good about my graphic novel now. The introductory steps in defining characters is always a battle for me, not because it's a difficult task necessarily but because I don't know how the character should interact with the plot this early on. I've approximated the voice of my main character, which is great, as well as his chief antagonist. Also the supporting characters are coming out a little. Aim for that diversity and you won't regret any of the hours of time you spent trying to figure out what beard would look best on your protagonist. It's savory upon completion.

The new series on world building I am just in love with. On Monday we discuss the aspect of "social fabrics" in world building. Stay tuned on Monday for details!


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