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Laufey's Treasure - Chapter 3

The following is my new short story series entitled "Laufey's Treasure." It is an action adventure series featuring minor characters from my upcoming novel in their own lighthearted journey. I hope you enjoy, it and be sure to catch my previous short story featured in the same universe called "The Adventures of Reynard Olfsson." 

Chapter 3

As the day progressed, Laufey collected his followers for the journey, Amma and Ragna in tow. Anke was difficult to persuade, for he was known among the village children to be stubborn and cold like his father. He had his weaknesses however like anyone else, and Laufey exploited them with his wit. Usually it began as a game. He would bait him with a simple question and counter with a proposition when Anke gave in. The triplets were easier. He had spent the whole afternoon at thier home arguing why the journey would be no fun without them while Amma and Ragna stood outside the threshold of the dwelling, occasionally sticking their heads in to see where everything was. Kaun had come out as the leader of their group, despite the fact that they were all of the same age. Kaupi and Keli stood behind him nodding in sync with their brother.

It was Geira however that he was dreading.

Geira, daughter of the town carpenter, had a reputation among the children as being rather odd. Coincidentally she was Amma's sister, though it was uncommon for others to realize this because they were so different. Amma's bright and cheery demeanor was starkly contrasted by her younger sister's dark and contemplative nature. Having to be around her would be the only drawback to having Amma's hand. Like it or not, her skills would be useful in the times ahead. When they went to retrieve her at the apprentice workshop down the road from the fishery, he whispered this coveted fact to himself. She would be useful, and it would be worth it.

He wasn't surprised then to see the girl appear from behind the door, peeking through the crack suspiciously, covered in sawdust and wearing a scowl. Behind him he heard his sister stifle a laugh, but he dared not turn around and give her the pleasure.

"What is it? Someone better be dead..."

Laufey cocked his head to the side, smirking.

"Hello yourself beautiful," Laufey said. He knew how uncomfortable it made her feel. "I need to talk to you about something."

"No." Her response was curt and concise, then she shut the door on him. Turning around Laufey saw the two girls wave and smile at him. Amma was just being nice. Ragna made him growl. Two knocks on the door allowed him to summon Geira once more, only this time the youthful carpenter opened the door the entire way revealing to him that she was in her underwear. Laufey immediately turned around, his heart lurching. Amma saw what happened as well, but frowned.

"Oh, that's definitely something father would be pleased about. Put some clothes on before you cause a scandal." Laufey couldn't tell if the scolding voice had any effect. He did not want a scandal either.

"What does he want," Laufey heard Geira say from behind, "I'm making art."

"We are going on an adventure sister! Come on! It'll be fun." Next to Amma, Ragna stared back at Laufey smirking. She shook her head in disbelief looking away, trying not to laugh, while Amma stepped forward. "I promise it will be fun. I didn't want to go unless you did. Sigmundur's boys and Anke are coming too!"

Laufey heard a long sigh escape the carpenter. He heard Geira put down the tools in her hand.

"I think what you mean, is that you need me to come. You want to go to Mt. Foot don't you?"

"We want to go over Mt. Foot, to be exact," Laufey confessed.

"To Gaun..." Geira paused again, likely processing the information. "The grownups don't know do they?"

"Well..." Amma struggled to reply, looking down at the ground, until Ragna stepped forward, her arms out.

"My idiot brother actually found a map," she began, despite Laufey's sour face. "It's gold. He wasn't lying. We really want you to come Geira. Amma would feel more comfortable if you came with."

Laufey heard no response. The door closed behind him and a few moments later opened up again. Geira walked past him briskly, fully clothed, snatching the construct map that was wrapped around his belt.

"Hey!" Laufey shouted. "Give that back."

"Hush," she said.

The three women stood around the map accessing it's functions. After a few minutes and some hushed words between the three of them, Giera turned around, and tossed the map back to Laufey. He took it, relieved, and stuffed it down his tunic hastily.

"Thanks," he said begrudgingly.

"Whatever this is," she began, waving a stern finger at him, "it's pre-war and possibly dangerous. The first sign of trouble, we turn back."

Laufey nodded, his pride injured. Geira was only 13, a year younger than him, but acted like an adult. There was no cause for it other than her intelligence. She thought she was better than the whole village, that's what he thought. She had took some others on an outing once before. One of the children got lost, and was found dead a couple days later. She took it to heart and it changed her, or so he heard.

"I will have to propose the trip as a camping outing," she continued. "Give me a few days, then we'll go."

"Fine by me," Laufey said coldly, turning away from her.

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