Friday, August 30, 2013

Batfleck Meditations

Last Friday I wrote an article explaining why Ben Affleck would not be a good Batman. In retrospect maybe my words were hasty. Many other enraged fans since the announcement last week have cooled their jets, but have they done so for the right reasons? My ire was staved because it was explained to me that Bruce Wayne works so well as an alter ego because he is the one you least expect to be Batman. I agree the same could be argued for Ben Affleck. I would never suspect him.

It's true that the writing of any film is enough to make or break a script. Naturally I think that's why the Christopher Nolan Batman films were so great. Them again David Goyer also wrote Ghost Rider which is a piece of dog shit. Perhaps it is an exception to the rule? 

I think the projected exploits of DC's film universe are ambitious, but the universe to unfold I find troubling. The idea behind the Nolan films was that the idea of a costumed vigilante was in vogue. This trend is continuing for the run of the DC cinema universe. Marvel goes the opposite route. Superheroes there, at least in concept, readily exist. Ironically the cards have switched hands. Marvel has always been the universe where ordinary folks are impressed into hard super labor for the sake of others. Now, people can't get enough of it! Man of Steel has initiated a trend of reluctant super heroes and I am not sure what to make of it. Time will tell I suppose.

Let us be thankful for what we can get, for now. I'm waiting for the day when DC fans will rise up and revolt in reaponce to giving Superman a beard. Oh wait... That already happened.

You complacent bastards.


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