Monday, August 26, 2013

Academic Theory: The Wrap-up

At the beginning of this unit I suggested that learning philosophy and religious tenets would be invaluable for the practice of writing. Going back I reviewed some of the stuff that I offered up and I am satisfied with the list. There are plenty of other religions and philosophies out there. The Greeks alone have structured most of our dramas and novels still. I am inclined to stay on this unit a little longer but I would rather pause at a height rather than continue uninspired. I've decided to compile all out lessons however so here is what we  have looked at for your convenience:

Eastern Religions and Philosophies: 

Western Philosophies and Tropes:
The emphasis I have placed on this series should not go unnoticed because we are thinking, feeling organisms. We have a variety of beliefs and predispositions that instigate our writing quips and methodology. Many will approach what they write and not ask the question, "Why?" to their own folly. It's important to possess that self reflection and conceive what inspires us to move and act in our writing. I'm Christian, and the fact that I am vastly influences my writing and my works as a whole. Understanding who we are better allows us to understand what we bring to the table. Be sensitive to these issues, or research on your own the traditions that inspire you and you will be surprised to see what you can come up with. As usual, I am always available for questions. Comment below to continue the discussion some more! 

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