Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Adventures of Reynard Olfsson (Part 9)

So she has a twin, I thought. Big deal. There are at least ten clones of me that didn't make it, brothers and sisters. Sometimes you forget that a perfect clone can be female as well. We embraced before she died. Her developmental process completed perfectly fine, except her immune system. With clammy hands, still wet with bio fluids I held her as she went into anaphylactic shock, completely unaware of who she was. (Neither did I for that matter.) Wide eyed, as I was entranced by the experience, I looked into her trembling eyes. She looked so confused. I wasn't sure why this creature before me shook so heavily, or why her legs kicked out from under her like a fish out of water. Her death taught me one thing however: this was the beginning of my life, and it was the end of hers. Only 2 minutes old I knew death.

In retrospect there are so many things I wished I could do with her. Did we think the same thoughts? What would our personalities have developed into? If we had sex with each other would it have been myself having sex with myself?

"So what do you want to do big guy?" I said, nudging Lief in the shoulder. Still entranced by the sign he looked down, at the ground, disappointed and frustrated.

"Can you get us into the arena?"

"Why? That's not your sister." Slowly I pulled out of my pocket a piece of chocolate I purchased from a vendor earlier that day. I missed chocolate from the continent. There's just no comparison.

"But the one that wants to play castle might still be in there."

"I can't imagine what she might be doing there. There can't be two star captains. Look her name up in the directory, maybe you will find some kind of contact information"

Lief sighed, rubbing his temples in frustration.

"I already did!" he said thrusting his hand toward the sign above. "And that's definitely not her!"

"So why the long face, eh?" In response to this I watched Lief thrust his hand into his pocket, pulling out a photograph. The woman on it was indeed different. She had blonde hair, with red streaks through it. I casually glanced between the billboard and the photo a few times. The two were rather similar, but I still managed to see what my friend was getting on about. The facial structure of the two didn't match up. And his sister's left in turned inward very slightly.

"Mær is not here," Lief pouted, "and I'm not going to go in there and ask Sophia about her."

"Why the hell not?" The idea of coming all this way for nothing horrified me, so I at least managed some indignant response. "If she's a twin, wouldn't that mean that she's also your sister as well?"

"I wanted Mær..."

"I want to die having sex, but we can't have it all, now can we? Good God man!"

I started walking forward towards the entrance way defiantly. In the back I could sense that Lief struggled to follow, but I continued until I heard him hasten towards me with a nervous look about it.

"We are going inside," I said flatly. "We will meet with Sophia, then we will ask about Mær and move along. See? I'm not to bad at planning aren't I?"

"This is a mistake," He said shaking his head. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Oh hush! What's the worse that could happen?

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